I don’t know how it came to be
The way I feel for you so suddenly.
I never thought again I’d feel like this
But this is how it really is.

A lot of times I would imagine
Under the sheets you and me huggin’.
I wonder what it would be like
To wake up in the morning by your side.

I’d like to hold your hand
And make them understand
That what I have for you is real
And I hope that is what you also feel.

In time I hope we’d make it through
This is what I want, I really do.
I will make it through day after day
If only you’d promise that you’ll stay.

I have gone through a lot of pain
Please don’t leave my heart in vain.
My heart and soul are yours to take
A promise I am not keen to break.

I wish that I could show
How much I love you so.
Because I would want the world to see
Just how much you mean to me.


Believe. Have Faith.

Sometimes I find myself in a pit… like really in the bottom of the pit. It’s like everything’s a mess and nothing seems to go right. I make plans that somehow ends unfavorably. And no matter how hard I tried, still I wasn’t able to achieve what I want. But that’s life I guess. Sometimes you’re up, sometimes you’re down. It’s the “Wheel of Life.”

I guess you’ve heard about the saying, “When it rains, it pours.” And it really does! I mean sometimes a lot of good things can happen to one person. It’s like you’ve got all the luck! And sometimes a lot of bad things can happen. Like a never ending path of pain! Wait… this sounds just like a line from Rod Stewart’s “Some Guys Have All the Luck!” 😀

You know when I find myself in the bottom, I just pray and tell myself “It’s okay, it’s gonna get better.” That glimmer of hope, even how small it is, is what keeps me sane. And I guess that is what we really need. Hope. I mean it can be dreadful today, but when you’re already at the bottom, there’s no way to go but up. So we’ll just need to hang in there, and do our part so that somehow we can make our situation better. And when everything else fails, trust God. There’s really no need to wallow in sorrow and self-pity. We just need to believe, have faith that it’s all going to get better soon. I came across a content from this post that goes:

It does not imply that God won’t let you be stressed beyond what you can bear.
Or challenged beyond your ability.
Or pushed beyond your threshold.In reality, God gives you more than you can bear all the time. On purpose.
It’s only when you can’t bear the load that the strength of Christ kicks in…
and He becomes everything you need and more.

So believe. Have faith. It’s going to get better! Amen!!!

Songs and Life

You turn on the radio, or browse through Youtube or Spotify, and there is that quite familiar song. Songs that bring joy and pain. And songs that bring hope.

There are songs that make us remember happy times. Songs that remind us of the joy we felt way back when. We reminisce those days we spent with the people we love, and the experiences we’ve shared with them. Then we smile and sometimes laugh a little. Then we wonder if the other people around us would notice what we were thinking. And then we won’t mind anyway. The few minutes of happiness that a song brings sometimes makes us nostalgic. How we wished we could go back in time and live that moment again. But then we can’t, and so we feel contented just listening to the song and reliving those memories in our mind.

Then there are those songs that make us remember the sad times of our lives. The heartbreak song. Songs that make us ask ourselves “What if?” Then we try to replay in our minds the events that led to that awful, heart-wrenching pain. And somehow we still could not fathom why we did the things we did that eventually caused us sorrow. For a moment there we wonder could things really be different if…? And even when it happened a long, long time ago, sometimes that certain song will still etch a bit of pain in our hearts.

And then there are those songs that bring hope (my favorite). Songs that will remind us that there is no problem so great that could not be solved. When we are lost and hopeless, these songs help uplift our spirits. That even though we’ve lost something, nothing is really lost for we have something to gain from our pain. And that is the lesson we learn. You see every time we fail at something, we are given the opportunity to learn from our mistakes. And so we come out even wiser and stronger. And much more when we have faith. For it is really faith that makes us hopeful that everything will turn out right in the end.

Songs evoke so many feelings and memories in us. Perhaps that is why we all love to listen to them. Be it happy, sad or hopeful.

And oh, here’s a link to my favorite song. It’s “Oceans (Where Feet May Fail)” by Hillsong United. This song never fails to lift me up. Big thanks to Mayur for suggesting I do this. 🙂


Wasn’t there a time in your life when you wished you could turn back time and undo things? I feel that way sometimes. Sometimes I wish that I have a Ctrl-Alt-Delete button so I can forget all the bad things that happened to me, forget the mistakes I’ve done, and put away the things that have caused me so much pain.

But sadly, we can’t go back in time, and there is no Ctrl-Atl-Delete button. So we would just have to live through with it. Sometimes when we are faced with a situation, a memory flashes back. It acts as if it’s our defense mechanism. Trying to remind us what happened back then. Sometimes get scared. We ask ourselves “What if the same thing will happen again?” or “What if it becomes worse than before?”

I ask myself the same. But somehow, I’ve learned to accept that when a memory flashes back, it didn’t happen to hinder me from doing things. It flashes back to remind me that I should learn from my past. That I should be wiser now. That I should be able to make a better decision. I guess that’s the good part when we make a mistake, we are always given a chance to learn from it.

We’re humans. We all fall down. We make mistakes. We hurt people we love. And the people we love will also hurt us. But the great thing about being a human, is in knowing and accepting that when things don’t end up in a “happily ever after,” we can always try again. And when we try again, we do it much better than the first time. We come out as a much better version of ourselves. And so we realize there is no need for a Ctrl-Alt-Delete button anyway.

Choose: Career or Becoming a Mom?

A male friend once told me, “Women belong at home, not in the office.” Such an outrageous remark in a time where both men and women can excel in their chosen field. And of course it didn’t quite sit well with me, it was offensive.

I’ve worked since I graduated from college. And yes when you’re young, you try to find your place under the sun. And so, I got into different companies. I’ve been into different fields – government, furniture, finance, and hospitality. I thought I’ve finally found my place under the sun in the last company I’ve worked with. When I got married and had 1 kid, that didn’t stop me from putting on my best foot forward. In fact it encouraged me even more to always try harder. Each time I failed, I’ve always been able to rise up and have shown that I can be better. From just attending to guest’s requests and concerns, I was doing reports, facilitating employee activities, coordinating with the local government and the community, and handling employee training. It was challenging. But what I loved most about my job was being able to influence other people. Being able to share to the community why we need to take care of our environment. Being able to share to my co-employees how I’ve been able to shift my paradigm. Being a leader and at the same time a friend. There was no dull moment. And I thought I could live through doing all those until I retire – joggling work and family. But… things don’t always go as planned. I realized that there is much more important than a rewarding career. In fact it’s the most important thing in the world – family. As cliche as it may sound, it’s true.

About 5 months ago, our house helper quit. She wanted to start her own family. We’ve tried hard to find another one, but to no avail. These days, it’s very hard to find a reliable house helper. Most 18-year old girls would prefer working in the department store or groceries. And who would not? I mean the pay is definitely better than being a house helper. And so without a complain, I learned to do what a mom should do – get domesticated. I wake up at 4 a.m. – cook and prepare my daughter’s snacks and lunch, put on the table her vitamins and medicines, prepare her uniform. At 5 a.m. I prepare myself for work (hubby drops off daughter to school by 7:30). I work from 6 a.m. to 2 p.m. Be home by 2:30 p.m., prepare dinner. Fetch my daughter from school at 4:45 p.m. After dinner, I do the dishes, then we’d do her assignment. Tuck her into bed by 8:30. It’s definitely my favorite time of the day! And of course, I give myself a little “Me Time” so I watch a few episodes of my favorite TV series on Netflix. Knock off and then I start another day with the same routine. I’ve gotten used it, have been good at it, I’ve convinced myself that working moms have super powers!

Then came the inevitable. I have to choose whether I would want a career or choose to take care of my daughter, full time. I won’t go into the details, but my daughter needed me, and I have to. I mean what good would a career do, if I can’t take care of the most important person in my life? It took months of deliberation, and then I finally decided to let go of my career and choose to be a mom – full time. I’ve worked for many years, that I don’t even know how it feels not to have a job. Yes, sometimes I ask myself if I did the right thing – quitting my job. But then at night, I watch my daughter when she’s sound asleep, I realize that I did the right thing. To be there when she needs me – when she needs reassurance, when she thinks she can’t do it, when she wants to give up… just to be there for her and be able to show her how much I love her.

And while I’m happy to be a full time mom, I’m also happy that I’ll finally be able to update this blog. It’s been 3 years since the last entry. So I hope you’ll join me again next time… ciao!

Whale Sharks and Tumalog Falls – an Oslob Adventure

Mixing business with pleasure. This is what I love about my job. We get to check out places which can be recommended to our guests. This time, our task brought us to the bustling town of Oslob, in the southern part of Cebu. Oslob is well-known for whale shark encounters.

We left the resort (which is in San Fernando) at around 0700H in the morning going to Tan-awan, Oslob. 2 hours after, we arrived at Oslob’s LGU Whale Shark Watching Center. The surrounding is clean, but the comfort room is a little smelly. The toilet bowl is broken; you have to do manual flushing. They should fix this little problem, considering the revenue they get from running this tour. From the shore, we saw a baby whale shark’s fin. There were many tourists when we got there. We didn’t avail of their services, we just checked the place. Whale shark encounter is fun, but I don’t agree with the idea of feeding them. I understand that they do this so that the whale sharks will just stay, thereby also ensuring their livelihood. But when you constantly feed them, they will be dependent on that. Their wild instincts will be curbed, and they will no longer be able to survive on their own. The local municipality of Oslob should follow the Donsol Whale Shark Project. For me, it’s a more natural way of interacting with these gentle giants.


Well-kept surrounding


The view from the shore


Me and my workmates

After that, we headed to our main itinerary – theTumalog Falls, which is about 5 kilometers from Tan-awan. Going up the mountain by car is about 15-20 minutes. A parking area is provided at the entrance. Entrance fee is Php20.00 for adults and Php10.00 for kids. One can take a motorcycle going down to the falls at Php20.00 per person. You can also request the driver to pick you up at a specified time, but this time, rate will be Php30.00 per person as the way going back is really uphill.  We opted to walk, which is more enjoyable. The road is steep, but concrete. We walked for about 15 minutes. When we finally arrived at the falls, I was in awe. The scene is really beautiful and natural. Except for a few tables at the side of the falls, the area is untouched by any other man-made structures. They do have a changing room, a few meters before the falls. Aside from those, all you could see is natural beauty. The air is fresh and the water is cool with a depth of about 2-3 feet only. The water seems to fall like raindrops.  Sarah and I did not let this chance pass by without dipping in. It was really cold at first, but after a few seconds, your body temperature will adjust and all you could do is just enjoy the moment. The changing room is not finished yet, as there is still no light and no shower head. There is a faucet at the wash basin though, and they also have water dipper which you could use. Now I’ll let the pictures do the talking 🙂


Getting ready for the long hike


And the journey has begun…


The long and winding road.


Almost there… there it is!


You’re greeted by this site… a small natural pool.


So amazing!


Here at last!


Just a lovely sight…


Me and Sarah… with a perfect backdrop behind us.


Of course our Supervisor had to do a pose too 🙂

with sarah

Posing before taking a dip… can’t wait!

with sarah2

Up close and personal at the foot of the falls… the water felt so good.

When we headed down to find a place to eat, we went back to Tan-awan and inquired at a local restaurant. They serve fish and meat that can be cooked according to a customer’s preference. The rate was pretty expensive so we decided to eat at one of the town center’s carenderia 🙂 And it turnded out, some tourists also prefer to eat here as well too. Even foreigners found the price expensive too 🙂 Would have been acceptable if the fish is taken fresh from the aquarium, but instead it’s taken from an ice bucket 😦  


Nice front view,simple and clean interiors… oh! you have to take your shoes/slippers off before you can get in. They have wifi as well. One of workmates said, “Mao diay mahal kay naa wifi.” 😀

Aside from whale shark and the falls, you can also go to Sumilon Island. This wasn’t included in our list for this day’s trip. But we’re already planning to go there this summer! And on our way home, I saw this resort in Boljoon – the Club Fort Med. It really captured my eyes as it is so picturesque. I’m thinking of going there this summer with my family, maybe for an overnight 🙂 Can’t wait!

Stay tuned for more updates on the places to go not only for summer, but whole year round. Ciao!

DKNS Maestro’s Restobar and Resort – Relatively New, But Worth It!

My daughter Venice turned 7 last March 6, 2014. Since it was a school day, we had to wait until March 8 to celebrate her birthday. She was so excited waiting for Saturday to come, as I promised her we’re going to have a family pool party.

We headed to DKNS Maestro’s Restobar and Resort in South Poblacion, San Fernando, Cebu. It’s a relatively new econo resort. Landscaping is not yet finished, but I already love this place. They only have 4 cottages and they’re really comfortable. The space is just enough and I just love the breeze here. Fronting the San Fernando sea, the wind is cool. Since they only have 4 cottages, it’s not crowded, as compared to other resort of the same category. Most of all, the pool is really clean! This is really important, especially for kids. The pool has to have a really clean and clear water. The children’s pool is about 3 feet deep, while the adult pool is has a depth of 4 – 6 feet. The children’s pool is separated from the adult pool through a wall. But you should watch over your children and don’t allow them to sit or look over on the wall, to avoid them from falling into the adult pool. They don’t have a lifeguard though, so you should take precaution and extra care when swimming, especially if you have kids with you.

You have to take a foot bath and a shower before you can take a plunge in the pool, they are strict about that. Which is actually good, than when you dip right away bringing with you dust and sands into the water. They have a shower and changing room as well. This resort is really relaxing, like I said, not too many people. The gates are open, so dogs from the neighborhood can get in. They’re tamed though, so no need to worry about them. As long as you don’t hurt them, then they won’t harm you. As mentioned above, this is situated fronting the sea, just feel the breeze, and don’t mind looking over the shore, else you would see trashes scattered around… tsk.. tsk… tsk. They ought to have a coastal clean up there.

To reach DKNS Maestro’s Restobar and Resort from the city, you can take a bus  from the South Bus Terminal going to San Fernando, Cebu, fare should only be between Php30-35 per person. Travel time is about 1 hour. Then inform the driver to drop you off at the town center of San Fernando and take a tricycle going to the resort. Fare is only Php8 per head. If you have your own ride, just follow the N. Bacalso Avenue until you reach the San Fernando Central School. Across it, on your left, you should see CM Paul Photography. Take a left turn and just follow that road until you reach the resort. Entrance fee is Php75 for adults and Php50 for kids. Cottage is Php400. Oh! I almost forgot, you can bring your own food, but they do charge a corkage fee of Php50 per case for alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. This is because they have a restobar. I was not able to check their rates, as we brought our own drinks, so we just paid the corkage fee.

All in all, we enjoyed our time here, especially the kids. When we went there, we were the only ones who had kids with us, so my daughter and her cousins had the kiddie pool all for themselves. I’d give this resort a 3 out of 5 stars. They’re still new and they still have a lot of room for improvement. I’d still come back to this place and would recommend this to my friends and any one who reads this blog. Summer is about to come, so try DKNS Maestro’s Restobar and Resort and enjoy!


At last it’s here! I’ve always wanted to create my own blog and write what I want, whatever is running into my mind. I’ve been creating web blog articles for quite some time now, but this is actually the first time I can tell the world “This is mine!” Yipee! 🙂

Got to keep it short for now, my daughter Venice is beside me as I’m typing these words and she’s actually reading it out loud. LOL. She wants to watch some movies stored in my computer. Well, have to give in… I only allow her to use this on weekends, while her tab is still under repair. Speaking of which, I ought to make another follow up. It seems like forever already. I’ll never buy another gadget in that store. After sales service is very poor. They can’t even tell me the exact reason why it’s not fix yet.

Well, see you guys later. Watch out for my future blogs. Leave a comment if you like, and will get back to you as soon as I can. Chow!